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Who We Are​

The Parisa Group was established in 2020 as a breakaway of PC Diagnostics Inc. which has been operating out of Cleveland, Ohio since 2004. 

The Parisa Groups focus will be on providing Complete IT Solutions and Consulting services to businesses around the globe as well as residential services to those living in Nashville, TN.

Our History

We retain over 20 years of experience in Information Technology systems. We have serviced Small Businesses and Large Corporations as well as residential clients. We have provided solutions across various industries such as foodservice, manufacturing, medical device, hospitality and professional services.

Our founder Dean Stavrou's love for tech started at a very young age. As technology grew more complex, so did his drive to make it accessible for everyone. The core values of his company are to "Help people Innovate" & "Help companies realize and transcend their fullest potentials by better engaging their customers and scaling their business".


What We Do​

Utilizing technology properly is the fastest and most productive way to grow your business. Unfortunately with an endless supply of products and services, choosing the right technology for your operation can be challenging. We can handle the technology, so you can focus on your business!

We believe that every company is special. Every company has a culture, a workforce and customers which they engage. We help companies grow by being mindful of those elements.


Culture, Engagement & Customer Experiences are the three major pillars of successful company. Being mindful of these three pillars will help your company INNOVATE, keep your employees ENGAGED and provide world class customer experiences at SCALE.

The only successful way to achieve these outcomes is by putting technology to work for you! We can help you to get the largest value for your technology investment.

Dean Stavrou

Founder | Engineer | Mentor

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